[RADIO] Don’t Fall for Plea-Bargain

An interview from this week’s Taylor Report:

Don’t fall for Plea-Bargain Games, Canada Must Do the Right Thing and Release Meng Wanzhou

December 7th, 2020

Featured Guest: CHRISTOPHER C. BLACK, international lawyer and writer on foreign affairs.


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Chris Black terms the arrest and extradition of Meng as illegal under Canada’s extradiction act, because it was an explicitly political arrest, in fact, a modern-day kidnapping and hostage-taking.

He also discusses the issue of the rumored plea-bargain raised by the WSJ. The mechanics of any plea deal would, in fact, require that Meng stop resisting the extradition, and voluntarily go to the USA to face a court there. There would be no guarantees for Meng, or Huawei, that the US court would go along with any deal. In such an arrangement, Meng and Huawei might have to agree to fines and conditions that might put future limitations on them.

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