Biden more of the same

On the week of the inauguration of the Biden/Harris administration, the Taylor Report recorded this interview with Stephen Gowans.

Biden will continue U.S. drive for dominance


Featured Guest: STEPHEN GOWANS, Ottawa-based writer and political commentator, author of “Washington’s Long War on Syria.”


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Stephen Gowans argues that Trump upset the U.S. ruling-class because he used the means that the U.S. traditionally employs against targeted countries (undermining the validity of elections, storming legislatures) but against the United States itself.

For example, Nancy Pelosi called the Hong Kong rioters’ torching of the HK legislature a “beautiful thing.”

Gowans doubts Biden’s presidency will bring many changes in U.S. foreign policy. Instead, the continuities of foreign policy will persist to ensure the economic privileges of the U.S. ruling-class.

A recently declassified U.S. document reveals their strategy to use India to contain China, and to move low-wage production for U.S. corporations from China to India and Mexico.

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