EXPANDED SSM Statement on Syria War 10th Anniv.


On the Tenth Anniversary of the War on Syria


The February 25th, 2021, US bombing of Syria signaled the new US regime’s intention to continue its war of attrition on Syria. It is merely the latest stage of a hybrid war that began when the Arab Nationalist Movement came to power in 1963.  Since 2011, Washington has led a coalition of NATO countries, Arab monarchies, plus the apartheid State of Israel, in a proxy war – using terrorist mercenaries as their foot soldiers – for regime change. US troops also illegally occupy a third of Syria, containing much of Syria’s oil and gas and some of its best farmland. In addition, the US (with the help of Israel) maintains a proxy army of Kurdish separatists in Syria’s north that seeks to dismember the country by carving out a Kurdish state on lands whose population is overwhelmingly Arabic.

Syria deserves immense credit for defiantly resisting, for ten long years, the illegal US attempt to dismember their sovereign state. These included false flag gas attacks by terrorists and blaming the Syrian government – with the help of OPCW; attempts by the International Criminal Court to indict President Assad; propaganda constructs like the White Helmets to create pretexts for western military intervention; increasingly severe regimes of economic sanctions which devalued Syria’s currency, created widespead unemployment, impoverished millions, and created huge shortages in the midst of a pandemic; massive lawfare campaigns like the “Caesar photos”; efforts to isolate the Syrian government; and covert operations to buy the support of western mainstream media.

However, with allies Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah, and Palestinian militias; support of Venezuela and Cuba to North Korea; plus supporters in the global peace movement, the Syrian government has frustrated most of the above schemes, and avoided failed-state status, as happened to Libya, likewise a    target of the empire during the 2011 so-called “Arab Spring.”

Syria has paid a great price: nearly half a million dead; 6.6 million internally-displaced persons; 5.6 million refugees across the Middle East, Europe, and North America; enormous civilian infrastructure destruction; looting of archeological treasures; physical and psychological trauma to its citizens; and much, much more. All of these cry out for an international accounting with reparations from those responsible.

At no point was the Syrian conflict a “revolution” or popular uprising. According to Wikileaks, the US promoted destablization and sectarianism inside Syria since at least 2005, and probably before. Importantly, according to international law, it is only the Syrian people who have the right to determine the future of Syria, not the US president, his NATO allies, Arab vassals, or terrorist mercenaries. And the Syrian people have demonstrated great courage and endured great sacrifices in order to keep alive their secular, pluralistic, and Arab socialist state, which features universal free education and medicare, programs that are ironically not available in the country leading the war against them. In the past decade, Syrians consistently supported their government in parliamentary and presidential elections.

We, in the Syria Solidarity Movement International, will do our part to end the criminal war on Syria, no matter how long it takes, and we call upon like-minded people the world over to join with us. In particular, we ask you to put pressure on your elected officials to

1) stop the war against Syria;

2) resume diplomatic relations with Damascus;

3) end the coercive economic measures against Syria and Syrians;

4) help the reconstruction of Syria.


SSM International, March 15, 2021.

website: https://www.syriasolidaritymovement.org/

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SyriaSolidarityMovementIntl

email address: solidarity@syriasolidaritymovement.org


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statement on 10th anniversary of war expanded v.6

Arabic Statement

ایروس عم نماضتلا ةكرح نایب

ایروس ىلع برحلل ةرشاعلا ىركذلا يف

يف ایروسل يكیرملأا فصقلا رھظا 25 ریاربف/ظابش 2021. ایروس ىلع ةیكیرملأا فازنتسلاا برح ةلصاوم ندیاب ةموكح ةین ًا من دول الناتو والممالك العربیة شن ماع ذنم ترمتسا يتلا ةنیجھلا برحلا هذھ 1963 ماع ىتحو 2011 عندما قادت واشنطن تحالف

كیرملاا تاوقلا لتحت امك . ةاشم دونجك ةقزترم نییباھرا امدختسم ماظنلا رییغت اھفدھ ةلاكولاب ابرح ی ثلث يعرش ریغ لكشب ة  دجوی ثیح ةیروسلا يضارلاا .ةبوصخ ةیعارزلا يضارلاا رثكا ضعبو يروسلا زاغلاو طفنلل نوزخمربكا  لاصوا عیطقت ىلا ىعسی يروسلا لامشلا يف داركلاا نییلاضفنلاا نم ةلاكولاب شیجب ةیكیرملاا تایلاولا ظفتحت كلذ ىلا ةفاضلااب بق اھناكس نم ةقحاسلا ةیبلغلاا تناك ةقطنم يف ةیدرك ةلود ةماقا للاخ نم دلابلا .برعلا نم يكیرملاا لخدتلا ل

تلمش يتلاو ةدایسلا تاذ اھتلود لاصوا عیطقتل ةیعرشلا ریغ ةیكیرملاا تلاواحملا ةھجاوم تاونس رشع ةلیط دحتب ایروس تمواق احمو ,ةیئایمیكلا ةحلسلاا رظح ةمظنم ةدعاسمب ةیروسلا ةموكحلا ىلع موللا ءاقللا نویباھرلاا اھب ماق ةفیزم ةیزاغ تامجھ تلاو لاا ھیجوت ةیلودلا ةیئانجلا ةمكحملا ,يبرغلا يركسعلا لخدتلا معدل ءاضیبلا ذوخلاك ةبذاكلا ةیاعدلا تاموظنمو ,دسلاا سیئرلا ىلا ماھت

اھنع جتنو ةلاطبلا ةبسن يف ریبك عافتراب تببستو ةیروسلا ةینطولا ةلمعلا ةمیق نم تللق يتلا ةدیازتملا ةقناخلا ةیداصتقلاا تابوقعلاو  لئاسو معد ءارشل ةیرسلا تایلمعلاو ,”رصیق روص” لثم ةبذاكلا ةیاعدلاو .ءابولا يشفت مضخ يف لئاھ صقنب تببستو نییلاملارقف  .ةدئاسلا ةیبرغلا ملاعلاا

ىلا ةفاضلااب ةیلامشلا ایروكو ابوكو لایوزنف معدو ةینیطسلفلا تایشیلملاو الله بزحو ناریاو نیصلاو ایسورك ءافلح عم نكلو ةكرح يف اھیمعاد ىلع ةلشاف ةلود حبصت نا تبنجتو ةروكذملا تاططخملا مظعم طابحا ةیروسلا ةموكحلا تعاطتسا ةیملاعلا ملاسلا .ایبیل رارغ

و لیتق نویلم فصن نم برقیب ام :اظھاب انمث ایروس تعفد دقل 12 اكیرماو ابوروا ءاحنا لك يف ئجلا نییلام عبراو حزان نویلم امدو ةیلامشلا ا هذھ .اھریغ ریثكلا ریثكلاو ةیسفنلاو ةیدسجلا تامدصلاو ةیرثلاا زونكلا بھنو ةیندملا ةیتحتلا ةینبلل لئاھ ر لامعلا  .ةیروسلا ةدایسلل حضاو كاھتنا يف اھباكترا مت يتلا مئارجلل ةیلود ةبساحم يعدتست

جتی ةیبعش ةضافتنا وا “ةروث” ھنا ىلع عساو قاطن ىلع عارصلا ریوصت نا ةدحتملا تایلاولا نأب سكیلیكیو عقوم ھنع فشك ام لھا  ماع ذنم ایروس لخاد ةیفئاطلا رشنو رارقتسلاا ةعزعزل جورت تناك 2005 ةقئاف ةعاجش رھظا يروسلا بعشلا نكل .كلذ لبق وا ا مدقت يتلاو .ةیكارتشلاا ةیبرعلاو ةیددعتلاو ةیناملعلا ھتلود ىلع ظافحلا لجا نم ةریبك تایحضت مدقو ةیبطلا ةیاعرلاو يعماجلا میلعتل .اناجم ةلماشلا

ىلا لوصولل لوذبملا دھجلا ىلا مامضنلال عیمجلا وعدتو .ایروس ىلع ةیمارجلاا بحلا ءاھنا ىلا ایروس عم نماضتلا ةكرح ىعست و .فدھلا اذھ ت :ل نیبختنملا نیلوؤسملا ىلا طغضلا صوصخلا ھجو ىلع بلط

1 -حلا فلاحتلا ءاھنا /نم باحسنلاا .ایروس دض يكیرملاا يبر

2. -قشمد عم ةیسامولبدلا تاقلاعلل يروفلا فانئتسلاا ىلا ةوعدلا

3. -نییروسلاو ایروس دض ةیرسقلا ةیداصتقلاا تاءارجلاا ءاھنا

ایروس عم نماضتلل ةیلودلا ةكرحلا 15 سرام/راذا 2021

website: https://www.syriasolidaritymovement.org/

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SyriaSolidarityMovementIntl

email address: solidarity@syriasolidaritymovement.org

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