[RADIO] America’s Canadian Parliament Slanders China

America’s Canadian Parliament Slanders China, Citing US Administrations

March 8th, 2021

Featured Guest: STEPHEN GOWANS, Ottawa-based author and political commentator


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Gowans uses logic and reason to clarify the “genocide” accusations against China. Much of the information comes from Adrian Zenz, whose only mention of the word is expressed tentatively at the end of his report: his document does not conclusively state that China is enacting genocidal measures. Those who claim genocide are relying on the flimsy pretext of having two U.S. administrations claim that it has taken place. Apparently, the word of U.S. ruling parties is the same as scientific truth.

Who is this Adrian Zenz who has captivated our Parliament, including the NDP? Turns out he is a fundamentalist Christian who views feminists and homosexuals as abominations against God. He believes that abortion is genocide. And he is the ‘expert’ Parliament turns to about birth rates in China.

Zenz is also a Senior Fellow at the U.S.-created “Victims of Communism” foundation, a propaganda organization that follows in the footsteps of the old fascist international, seeking to ‘rid the world of the false hope of Marxism.’ This foundation has written that, in light of socialism’s growing appeal, it will more actively propagandize to “discredit” socialism.

Gowans walks us through the various foundations and think-tankery from which this anti-China campaign originated. U.S. analysts like Paul Fuller emphasized the likelihood of the U.S. playing the “Uyghur card” as an option if relations deteriorated with China. At the base of this deterioriation is an economic clash, which the U.S. portrays as a ‘clash of values.’ The strategy is to use a “human rights” narrative to rally support against China.

Taylor and Gowans then demolish another shameful Globe and Mail article that tried to paint a subsidized jobs program in China as “genocide.” It’s a jumble of frightening words that are put together in no logical order. China’s internal migration for jobs and economic-development programs are by-and-large more humane than what we do, extracting migrant labour from the periphery in a painful and chaotic fashion. But, like Zenz, the Globe and Mail is on a ‘mission from God,’ so we will suffer their white-saviour Crusading for some time.

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