[RADIO] Gowans exposes US ‘Wuhan lab’ dishonesty

Stephen Gowans is one of the most prolific writers challenging the U.S.’s new Wuhan narrative.


Gowans exposes US ‘Wuhan lab’ dishonesty

May 31st, 2021


Featured Guest: STEPHEN GOWANS, Ottawa-based writer and political commentator.


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Phil interviews Canadian author and political writer, Stephen Gowans, on Biden’s political strategy in calling for a U.S. intelligence investigation of the origins of COVID-19. Gowans states that leaks of viruses from labs have taken place previously on three occasions around the world. A number of US labs have been closed for safety violations, including Fort Detrick in August 2019. As a consequence, Gowans argues it may not be a good idea for labs to work on live viruses.

Biden wants it both ways. He wants to consider the possibility that COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan lab at the same time that he acknowledges there is no evidence of such a leak in Wuhan. Phil points out that Biden’s initiative demonizes the World Health Organization [WHO]. And the WHO has not visited Fort Detrick.

Gowans notes that the USA is not a credible source of accusations. It’s not a disinterested party and its unreliability as a source has been shown in Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, and Syria. Biden’s initiative is an attempt to smear China.


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