David Urquhart GPC Statement on Meng


David Urquhart, Green Party candidate for Hamilton Mountain, has issued a statement to the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War in support of the immediate release of Meng Wanzhou:


“In regard to the Meng Wanzhou fiasco: the Trudeau Liberals created it when, to appease the US government of that time (Trump), they arrested her. It was a gigantic mistake. Our foreign policy needs to be independent of US influence.

In my opinion, Meng should be released at once in order to restore good relations between Canada and the People’s Republic of China.”
Thank you, David Urquhart!

Our Coalition encourages electors on Hamilton Mountain to vote for David Urquhart. And we urge Canadians, across the country, to ASK YOUR CANDIDATES to come out publicly in support of the immediate release of Meng Wanzhou and let us know when they do at hcsw@cogeco.ca.

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