E-mail Flyer for Sept. 22 Release Meng Now Panel

For your convenience, we have created an e-mail version of the poster for the upcoming September 22 Panel about Meng Wanzhou. It should be relatively easy to copy and paste it to HTML-based e-mail programs.

Why Meng Wanzhou should be released NOW!

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7 PM EDT | An Online Event!


Whomever forms the next Government of Canada will have to deal with Justin Trudeau’s gigantic mistake of arresting Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei Technologies, at the behest of former US President Donald Trump.

Hear expert panelists explain the many reasons why Meng should (and can legally be) released now in order to restore friendly relations with China, and to set a new and independent course in foreign policy for Canada.



John Philpot, international criminal lawyer, Montreal;

Stephen Gowans, Ottawa-based author of three books:

“Washington’s Long War on Syria”; “Patriots, Traitors and Empires: The Story of Korea’s Fight for Freedom”; and “Israel, a Beachhead in the Middle East.” He blogs at What’s Left;


Julie Tang, Co-Founder of Pivot to Peace (USA).


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The event will also be livestreamed on Facebook. Please go to the HCSW Facebook page to watch.
Q&A to follow (Questions can only be posed on Zoom.)

This event organized by the Cross-Canada Campaign to FREE MENG WANZHOU is endorsed by:
The Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War (hcsw.ca) | The Canadian Peace Congress | World Beyond War (Canada) | Canada-China Council for Cooperation and Development (CCCCD) | Canadian Foreign Policy Institute | Just Peace Advocates | newcoldwar.org | Mobilization Against War and Occupation | Friends of Socialist China | nocoldwar.org | The International Action Center (USA) | Popular Resistance (USA)
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