[RADIO] Commentary on AUKUS, Barbados


Commentary on AUKUS, Barbados

October 4th, 2021

Taylor Report Commentary




Description (12 minutes):

A) AUKUS rejected by Green Party of Australia.

Phil comments on the recent statement by the Australian Green Party rejecting the AUKUS military pact that will see Australians buy $90 billion worth of nuclear subs that they can’t afford.

The Australian GP wants no part of future nuclearization of Australia or dependence on the USA – “not now, not in the future, not ever!”

Where is the Canadian Green Party and peace movement on this?


B) Barbados ditches the Queen to become Republic

Canadian media has completely ignored the fact that Barbados will take the big step of declaring itself a Republic.

When can we expect Canada to remove the racist institution of the British monarchy?


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