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Tamara’s Peace Tour

Lorincz: “NATO is globalizing, it’s militarizing the entire world.”

December 12th, 2022


Featured Guest: TAMARA LORINCZ, PhD Candidate and anti-war activist.


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Activist Tamara Lorincz recounts her tour throughout Europe recently, mainly focusing on Russia, where she sought person-to-person discussions about how to seek peace. There was never any vote to have a New Cold War with Russia. We all lose from this conflict – so much of what needs to be done, in terms of economy, environment, and health requires international cooperation.

Facing cold and unwelcoming weather in Russia, and speaking only English, Tamara nevertheless found a warm and welcoming people there. She presents a compelling view of the modernization of Moscow, and encourages Canadians to exercise their right to travel there. Russians are not wishing to be ‘liberated’ by NATO. Far from it, they see NATO as waging a war with Russia, and are waiting to be reunited with their relatives in East Ukraine.

Tamara details the demands that a peace movement should be making. Foremost among them is Canada leaving NATO. It is dragging us into the most dangerous, expensive conflicts that endanger global security. You can learn more about the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network at its homepage.

It’s up to citizens, as there is no “opposition” in Parliament. Time to start taking politicians to task, including the NDP and “Greens,” over the Western refusal in abiding the Minsk Accords, which would have prevented today’s fighting. Why don’t we have a functioning architecture to resolve international disputes? Tamara explains that the EU and NATO undermined the OSCE, which was supposed to fulfill that purpose.

She also discusses the sorry state of Romania, a NATO vassal, where Tamara was prevented from picketing a meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

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