[RADIO] Sleepwalking into nuclear war


[Taylor Report] June 3rd, 2024.

Sleepwalking into nuclear war


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The U.S. media is celebrating how Ukraine’s spirits are ‘buoyed’ by the U.S. ‘permitting’ Ukraine to fire NATO weapons into Russia.

Journalists are not looking at what other great powers [Russia, China] have to say about this. And those powers are not amused.

The Canadian state is enthusiastically following along, even though we don’t have a nuclear weapon or a sizeable army. Just an ‘umbrella.’ And bombs don’t respect umbrellas.

Canada is tied to this enterprise through NATO, and through “Five Eyes.” Which means that we are a target for incineration as this war goes forward. Russia has made clear, through its embassies, that anyone providing weapons to strike Russia could find themselves on the receiving end. Our media is keeping this from us.

We are blindly sleepwalking into annihilation.



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