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White Helmets, Dirty Hands

September 12th, 2016
Featured Guest: VANESSA BEELEY, Researcher, writer.
Member of Syria Solidarity Movement.

Audio File: White Helmets, Dirty Hands

Description (17 minutes):
Vanessa Beeley details revealing facts about the celebrated “humanitarian” organization White Helmets, which provides Syrian photo-ops for the media that stoke the flames of military intervention.

The WH receive money from both the British and American governments while calling themselves “fiercely independent”; one of their spokesmen couldn’t enter the US because of terrorist ties and the group was organized by an ex-British officer working on contract. But the western media and the NDP federal caucus is smitten and wants to give them a Nobel Peace Prize!

The White Helmets are working with the worst terrorist elements and, as Vanessa Beeley explains, they need to be exposed, not lauded.