[RADIO] Terrorists prolong Ghouta agony


Terrorists prolong Ghouta agony

February 26th, 2018
Featured Guest: RICK STERLING, California-based Journalist and Syria Solidarity Activist. 

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Phil interviews Rick Sterling about the situation in East Ghouta. Rick Sterling describes, from personal experience, the regular targeting of civilians inside Damascus by terrorists who overran East Ghouta, a suburb of that city, in 2013.

Hundreds of Damascenes have been killed by the terrorist bombardment, and Sterling draws a comparison between the hullaballo created by Western corporate media over the liberation of Aleppo in 2016, and East Ghouta today.

Finally, Sterling points out that the current UN ceasefire does not apply to terrorist groups allied to Al Qaeda. Sterling reminds us the the Syrian government practices a policy of reconciliation with Syrian “rebels.” Non-Syrian “rebels” were bussed out of Aleppo at the end of the fighting in 2016.

The US is playing a spoiler role in North-East Syria, trying to play off Kurds against Turks. It is preventing Syria from recapturing all of its territory, and drawing out the length of the war.

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