Some Articles about Eastern Ghouta


What is happening in Eastern Ghouta?


With the Syrian army’s new operation towards Eastern Ghouta, supported by Russia, another media campaign has been launched, a similar of which was employed for Aleppo before. Images and “information” obtained from “activists” who move in concert with around 10 thousand militants from different groups in Eastern Ghouta are being utilised in international media to make an impression that the war is “between the people of Eastern Ghouta and the Assad regime.” The aim of the intended international pressure is to cause the militarily powerful Damascus administration to step back


In Syria, the Real Siege Is by Western Criminal Powers

In more than seven years of war in Syria, we have seen many times how Western governments and news media shamelessly invert reality.

The same was seen this week over the grim fighting around Eastern Ghouta, the suburb near the capital, Damascus, where 400,000 people are said to be trapped.

But who is trapping who?


Ghouta is the most important battle for Syria and Russia: what next?


Eastern Ghouta seems to be a turning point and a most strategic fight for both Moscow and Damascus. Many reasons motivated this alliance to control it and take it away from the jihadists and rebels. On the other hand, such determination implies similar willpower in the opposite camp led by the US and its allies to prevent Ghouta from being liberated. This is the struggle between the two camps: one is determined to regain control of Ghouta and head towards the end of the war in Syria, and the other is equally determined to keep the war going.

Ghouta is the most important battle for Syria and Russia: what next?

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  1. On the Lamentable Situation of the Afrin Canton: “… the Afrin’s leaders did not re embrace Syria, did not accept the terms to hand over the administrative part of the canton to the Syrian institutions and did not allow the SAA to get into the canton. Only NDF from Nbul and al Zahraa could get into Afrin but this is not enough to fight the turkish regime and its terrorists. NDF losses will happen and will continue to happen, maybe they will decide soon to leave Afrin. Afrin’s leaders and its YPG leaders are fully accountable to lose 30% of the canton to Turkey (won’t return it to Syria as Antakya) and soon this nbr will grow to 40-50%. Afrin’s choice was to be enslaved by the turkish instead of re embracing Syria. Let be clear to all Syrian Kurds what their leaders are doing and show that their alliance to NATO means only one thing, enslavement to NATO thru the turkish regime. The SAA focus is to liberate East Ghouta, it must be done now so 400,000 civilians are liberated, a large NATO backed terrorists are killed and neutralized, so Damascus can be safer and many dozens of embassies can return to operate in Syria. This is needed so the Syrian Government returns to be globally recognized by the Diplomatic personnel. The SAA will not get distracted to save Afrin since its own people elected to be turkish slaves. Afrin will become even uglier in the next few weeks.” (Canthama)

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