East Ghouta will be liberated like Aleppo


Syria has been under attack for the past 7 years, by a collection of countries led by the United States. These countries have supported proxies who engaged in physical violence since 2011, quickly leading to the formation of armed, foreign-backed militant groups including Al Nusra, ISIS, and various Al-Qaeda affiliates.

The gulf between reality in Syria and the reporting of our corporate media could not be wider. Most Syrians do not support their alleged ‘liberators’ that come in the form of violent sectarian groups. Despite illegal incursions by many thousands of militants through Turkey, and more than one-hundred airstrikes from Israel, Syria has not collapsed in the face of a massive, illegal assault.

Every time the Syrian government is about to retake its own territory from the alphabet-soup of terrorist groups that Western media shamefully supports, our major news outlets speak of impending catastrophe. The ‘last hospital in Aleppo’ was destroyed multiple times, according to media, and the ‘last doctor in Aleppo’ was killed by airstrikes, according to our media. (Although only the Syrian government is providing medical care throughout the country). Many Al Qaeda-affiliated ‘journalists’ Tweeted their ‘last message from Aleppo’ in 2016, and we were presented with a spectacle that everyone in Aleppo would soon be dead from a menacing Syrian-government takeover.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In 2018, Aleppo is rebuilding. Residents returned to their homes. Factories are being rebuilt. Syrians, who were displaced by the Turkish-backed invasion of their city, are able to start life again. It was contingent upon Canadians, whose government is part of the “Friends of Syria” coalition that gathered to destabilize Syria years ago, to oppose a conflict in which the U.S., France, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar organized to remove the Syrian government via a so-called ‘civil war’ in which foreign forces engaged in combat with a sovereign government. Syria is Iraq, but with U.S. proxy forces doing most of the fighting. If you were against the war on Iraq, you should have been against the war on Syria. Except our media made doing so very difficult, because of its dishonest presentation of the issue.

It’s not too late to do the right thing. Many citizen journalists are using the technology of the internet age to stand up to the monolithic corporate and state-media we are subjected to in the West. Vanessa Beeley is one of these journalists. In the following interview, she dismantles the myths about East Ghouta, and compared the shoddy reporting on the city to what occurred in Aleppo in 2016. Syria is not invading its neighbours. It is being invaded. It is time for Canadians to admit their government’s complicity in a very dirty war on Syria, and we can thank journalists like Beeley for paving the way towards a real understanding of the conflict.


East Ghouta will be liberated like Aleppo

Propaganda can’t stand against truth, as Syrians reject U.S.-backed shock troops

March 5th, 2018
Featured Guest: VANESSA BEELEY, Syria solidarity activist, Associate Editor at 21st Century Wire.

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Vanessa Beeley identifies the extremist groups holing up in East Ghouta. They are known, variously, for putting civilians in cages as human shields against airstrikes, firing guided missiles full of bomblets into Damascus, and targeting schoolchildren just as they are leaving schools.

It’s a replica of what happened in East Aleppo. The same terrorist factions have occupied a city and held civilians as hostages.

If Ghouta were a suburb of Toronto, and civilians were being daily massacred and targeted from that suburb, would we tolerate this? Or demand that our government and military forces release the civilians and dislodge the terrorists?

Look at Aleppo: After it “fell” to the government, it has been reunited with the country. Everywhere in the city is a hive of activity, as citizens restore their businesses, and put their homes back together. The largest city in Syria is coming back to life, just as Western ‘reporters’ lost interest in the city.

Meanwhile, the crimes that ‘rebels’ committed against Syrians in Aleppo are ignored. Western NGOs describe Al Qaeda terrorists as feminist freedom fighters, but Syrians know better. And they won’t be listening to Western humanitarians ever again. Beeley also dismantles the myths behind the current ‘ceasefire.’ Al Qaeda and affiliates never agreed to the ceasefire.

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