[RADIO] Iran is defeating virus and Western propaganda

Iran is defeating virus and Western propaganda
March 16th, 2020
Featured Guest: ZAFAR BANGASH, Crescent International, writer/commentator.

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Zafar Bangash describes the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic on Iran, where it is quite widespread.

Unlike Italy, the Islamic Republic has not written off people over 80. Iran has worked very hard to combat the virus, although US government and mainstream media is displaying a perverse pleasure in the suffering of Iranians, and the deaths of leading Iranian political figures. About 15% of Iranian MPs have been infected.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly called for the removal of unilateral US sanctions, which seriously hamper the ability of Iran to combat the pandemic. The purpose of these economic sanctions is deliberately targeted versus the people of Iran (as well as Venezuela and Syria) to cause the people to overthrow their own government. Yet, the Iranian people are savvy to the class of people in the USA who are deliberately inflicting so much harm upon them.

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