Annamie Paul Undermines Own Party

This interview with Tony Leah, Political Action Committee Chair for UNIFOR Local 222, discusses the conflict within the Green Party as leader Annamie Paul defies her own membership over Palestine.


Annamie Paul Undermines Her Own Party

August 2nd, 2021


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Phil talks with Tony Leah about the controversy surrounding Annamie Paul, Federal Leader of the Green Party. Leah points out that the root of the conflict is Paul’s opposition to her own Party’s policy on Israel and Palestine. As a result she has stubbornly remained silent about the outrageous statements by her adviser Noah Zatzman who called for the defeat of two Green Party Members of Parliament. Leah, Unifor Local 222 Political Action Chair, noted that the Green Party policy opposing the illegal Israeli occupation and settlements and endorsing boycotts, divestment and sanctions was endorsed by 91% of Green Party members in a referendum.

Leah points out that while the Federal Council of the Green Party has tried to defend Party policy and called on Paul to disavow Zatzman, Paul has resorted to undemocratic legal maneuvers and gag orders. Annamie seems willing to damage her own Party in an effort to undermine support for Palestinian rights and BDS – in the same way that the right wing of the Labour Party preferred electoral defeat as a way to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn.



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