[RADIO] Workers Have No Interest in War with China

The following is a recent interview with Tony Leah on the Taylor Report about a heartening development in Australia – the public resistance by two Australian unions to the deadly new AUKUS military pact.

Australian Unions – Workers Have No Interest in War with China

Featured Guest: TONY LEAH, Political Action Committee Chair UNIFOR Local 222

September 27,  2021


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Two major unions in Australia have discussed and challenged the military posture of the government of Australia. They have made known to their members the problems inherent in this so-called ‘AUKUS’ deal.

The Maritime Union of Australia, representing some 16,000 workers, declared their ‘total opposition’ to the reckless announcement by Scott Morrison that Australia would be developing nuclear submarines as part of a military alliance with the U.S. and the U.K.

Such a deal would continue to escalate unnecessary conflict with China, something workers are already feeling the impacts of. The funds spent on nuclear submarines would better be spent on health care and education in Australia, as well as jobs from renewables. The Electrical Trades Union offered a similar critique.

Additionally, the nuclear submarines will require significant offshore maintenance, undermining their sovereign application. After COVID, it is dubious to pitch any critical equipment to a self-respecting country that cannot be maintained in-country.


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